Bifold Doors Leeds

We offer a wide range of bifold doors for your extensions in Leeds. A bifold door is a great way to enhance your extension because it creates extra space. In addition, you will get a seamless connection to your garden. It creates a wow factor that ensures you bring your own personal stamp to your property. Get in contact with Select Extensions and a member of our friendly team will help you.

Enhance Your Extension With Our Bifold Doors

A bifold door will help put the finishing touches on your extension. The low threshold makes them a popular choice, as it allows easy access to and from your extension. This creates an expansive space for the entire family.

When you choose a bifold door, feel confident that it will create a lighter and cleaner look in your extension. The doors support slim sightlines which, when combined with the big windows in the extension, will give you fantastic panoramic views of your garden. Benefit from a living space that is enjoyable for you and your family.

Key Features

  • Your door is tailored in a range of styles and colours.
  • Double glazing lets in lots of natural light.
  • Thermally efficient, saving on your energy bills.
  • Bifold doors enhance your security.
  • Increases your market value, ideal if you want to sell it on in the future.

Why Choose Bifold Doors?

Thermally Efficient

Our bifold doors retain natural heat inside your property, saving money on energy bills. As a result, your extension will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in summer.

Outstanding Security

With many homeowners in Leeds worrying about the security of their back door, a bifold door solves this problem. The doors are made from high quality aluminium and advanced double glazing, which stops intruders from breaking in. As a result, you and your family will be kept safe.

Easy to Use

One of the main draws a bifold door can add to your extension is that they are simple and easy to use. They glide smoothly for easy functionality.

Adds Market Value to Your Home

A bifold door in your extension will increase your home’s market value because it creates the illusion of a bigger living space. This makes your new bifold doors an excellent investment in the long term, as well as being an improvement you can enjoy right away – and for many years to come.

A Bifold Door Can Be Added To A Versatile Ran

A bifold door is a functional addition to your room because it can be combined with double glazing to deliver more natural light to your property. They are suitable for anything from kitchen extensions to rear extensions.

The doors are easy to maintain, so you will spend more time enjoying your new extension. They can fit in tight spaces due to their compact, folding mechanisms.

Our Bifold Doors Are Sustainable and Durable

When you choose a bifold door for your conservatory or extension, you will benefit from a thermally efficient build that helps regulate the temperature. This is because the double glazing is fitted tightly into the frames so natural heat will be retained. As a result, energy bills will be cut drastically.

The doors are soundproof because the thick double glazing panels will reduce loud sounds to a whisper. It is ideal if you live in a busy neighbourhood or a loud area.

Bifold Doors Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Our bifold doors are some of the most sustainable and strongest doors on the market.  Feel confident that the door will be recycled into something new.

Your bifold door is ideal in a variety of different spaces such as conservatories, orangeries, and bungalow extensions. It is a great way to enhance your living space. It connects your extension to your garden, while acting as a partition to the living room, resulting in a stylish entrance.

Bifold Doors Leeds

If you want to learn more about how our bifold doors will enhance your extension in Leeds, contact our friendly team at Select Extensions today.

Give our friendly team a ring on  0113 257 8933 to discuss your project. Alternatively, fill our online contact form out. One of our friendly team will be on hand to help you.

When you are ready to design your extension, fill out our online quoting engine. Create every aspect of your bifold door and we will return with a price that suits your needs.






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