Roof Lanterns

At Select Extensions, we install the highest quality roof lanterns for your home in Leeds. Supplied by market leaders Ultraframe, we offer the Ultrasky Lantern Roof to enhance the look and feel of your living space. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Enjoy Our Roof Lanterns in Your Leeds Home

A new roof lantern will help maximise your space in your Leeds home. Whatever extension you have, whether it is for a dining room or a traditional house extension, there is a design that suits your needs.

Available in White, Satin Black, Anthracite Grey, or any bespoke RAL colour, this will give you freedom of expression. With an unrivalled thermal performance, it is one of the warmest builds on the market. With a wealth of experience, we have something that’s right for you.

Key Features

  • Thermally broken inside and out, helping save money on your energy bills.
  • A wide range of different customisable styles
  • Advanced weatherproofing and leak-resistance
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • Easy to install - minimal disruption

Why Choose Select Extensions For Your Project?

Peace of Mind

At Select Extensions, we have many years of experience installing roof lanterns. They have toughened security features, making them impossible to break through. The builds come with double glazing, so you will feel safe and secure.

High Performance Glazing

The roof lanterns come with advanced double glazing as standard. This has been thoroughly wind tested, ensuring it stays sturdy against the worst weather conditions.

Energy Efficient

The roof lanterns will give you outstanding heat retention, which keeps natural heat in your home, leaving cold air outside. As a result, your carbon footprint will be reduced easily.

Suits All Tastes

Choose from uPVC and aluminium under cladding, which come in powder coated colours and an unbeatable range of design options and RAL colours. We have something that is right for everyone.

Ultrasky Roof Lantern

At Select Extensions, we offer the Ultrasky Roof Lantern from Ultraframe. Consider a range of RAL colours that will help you bring more personality to your home. If you are looking for a natural colour, go for Rosewood or Chartwell Green to help your home stand out. or, go for something like Anthracite Grey if you want a modern colour to blend in.

Customise your lantern even further with uPVC or aluminium cladding. The selection of uPVC colours comes in ‘white’ or ‘grey’, while aluminium comes in ‘satin black’, anthracite grey’, or ‘chamfered white.’ This gives the homeowner in Leeds plenty of options to create their ideal lantern.

The Ultrasky Roof lantern supports large panels which gives you extra natural light. With a thermal efficiency rating of 1.1, this ideal home improvement solution will help save on your energy bills, as the temperature will be regulated easily.

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Stratus Roof Lantern

The Stratus Roof Lantern is available in four versatile configurations, giving the homeowner a wide variety of options. The designs are perfect for any homeowner who wants their conservatory to be bathed in light. They are available in 2 way, 3 way, or 4 way contemporary designs. It offers hard weather aluminium for a clean and contemporary look.

The Stratus roof lanterns offer unrivalled thermal performance because it is designed from the ground up as a thermally broken system. This gives you plenty of natural warmth, allowing your to be comfortable in your Leeds home.  This allows natural warmth to be retained all year round, while you will get ultra slim sightlines for beautiful panoramic views.

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Range of Roof Lantern Benefits

Your roof lantern comes with a wide selection of benefits that will boost the appeal of your property. All our lanterns have been weather tested which will protect you against the worst conditions including wind and snow. The lantern is watertight, ensuring water won’t seep into your property.

What’s more, your Leeds home will benefit from extra thermal efficiency, giving you natural heat. The glazing that’s used in your lanterns will deflect the suns rays, so you won’t have to worry about the glare entering your home. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about using your central heating as the temperature will be easily regulated.

The lantern that you’ll choose gives you uninterrupted sightlines, giving fantastic panoramic views. With fewer bars and more glazing, it will bring extra light into your property, bringing any home to life. And it can go on top of conservatories with bifold doors and sliding doors, making it easy to install. Whether your home is traditional or modern, there is a design that is right for you.

Prices for Conservatories, North & West Yorkshire

If you would like to learn more about our roof lanterns, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team has many years of experience installing lanterns, so we will be on hand to help you. Your roof lantern comes with a 10 year warranty, ensuring if anything happens to it, we have you covered.

When you are ready to select your ideal roof lanterns, get in touch with our team today. We understand how much of a difference installing a roof lantern can make in your home, so contact us today and we will be on hand to help you.


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