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If you are looking for replacement windows for your extension, at Select Extensions, we have you covered. Choosing to replace your windows will improve your thermal performance, giving your Leeds home a sleek aesthetic. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Our Replacement Windows Will Transform Your Leeds Home

If your old window is underperforming, a replacement window will add a secondary layer of glazing to your extension. It is a great way of including natural light in your home, resulting in a brighter extension for you and your family. The extension can be upgraded to triple glazing as well if needed.

Replacing your windows in your extension offers fantastic heat retention. This is ideal during the winter months because you will rely less on your central heating.

Key Features

  • A replacement window has built in locking systems, boosting your security.
  • Low maintenance and easy to look after.
  • Can be colour matched to your extension.
  • Enhances your extensions’ aesthetic.
  • Comes in versatile glazing patterns.
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Why Choose Replacement Windows?

Makes Your Extension Comfortable

A replacement window ensures the temperature in your extension will be regulated, reducing the need to use your central heating. This makes sure it is a comfortable space to live in.

Adds Value

A new window is an excellent investment for your home because it makes it brighter maximising your living space. This results in an improvement that you can enjoy straight away.

Excellent Security

Choosing a replacement window for your extension makes your home safer and secure due to the built in multi point locking systems. These can only be opened from the inside, meaning intruders will find it impossible to enter.

Quieten the Outside Noise

Replacing the windows in your extension offers a fantastic insulation of sound, making your home quieter as a result.

A Replacement Window Will Make Your Extension More Safe and Secure

At Select, we understand your extension should be safe and secure all year round. A replacement window is a great addition because it comes with advanced double glazing as standard.

This deals with robust knocks that keep intruders out. We offer triple glazing that consists of three panes of glass protected by two layers of argon gas. This is a great option because it handles robust knocks, so intruders won’t be able to break in.

A New Window Will Prevent Mould and Draughts in Your Extension

Draughts are common in cold weather conditions, but this results in mould and condensation leading to illnesses. A replacement window is a great way of stopping cold air from entering as it offers protection against mould and draught spots.

Your replacement window will enhance your extension’s lifespan as it will make it warmer and inviting. This results in less usage of your central heating.

Replacing Windows Reduces Time Spent on Maintaining Them

When you replace the windows in your home, this will reduce the time spent on looking after them. A new window is a popular choice for extensions because they won’t rust, warp, or shrink in toughened conditions. The only thing you need to do is clean them with a cloth and soapy water and they will look refreshed in no time.

If you decide to replace the windows with uPVC or aluminium options, feel confident they will be reused for many years. This gives you time to spend on the things that matter.


Replacement Windows Prices Leeds

Once you are ready to discuss your project, get in touch with Select Extensions today. With decades of experience, our knowledgeable installers will find a price that is suitable to your needs.  Call our friendly team on 0113 257 8933.

Alternatively, message us through our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Start your quote with us today. Design your ideal window and we will come back with a price that suits your budget.

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