Solid Conservatory Roofs

We work with market leaders Ultraframe to install their Solid Conservatory Roofs and Livinroofs in Leeds and surrounding areas. They offer unrivalled thermal performance, and extra security. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

Enjoy Our Solid Roofs In Your Leeds Home

At Select Extensions, we offer plenty of Solid Roofs for your consideration. We work with Ultraframe to install their high performing roofs: the Ultraroof and the Livinroof. Both these designs will work wonders in your Leeds home, as they provide a sturdy look, giving you outstanding thermal efficiency. Whichever design you choose, we will help you find the right roof lantern for your Leeds home.

Key Features

  • Available in many colours and styles to consider
  • High performance materials for extra durability
  • Supports Skylights and Roof Lanterns
  • Choose from our selection of fascias and soffits
  • Strongest materials in the market

Why Choose Select For Your Solid Roof Installation?

Peace of Mind

Both our Ultraroof and Livinroof installations give you peace of mind because they will stand firm against the strongest conditions. They are tested to withstand tough conditions and come with a ridge to stop condensation. The Ultraroof has a fire safety certificate to keep you safe.

High Performance Glazing

Our conservatory roofs give you exceptional performance, ensuring you are in a bright and airy living space. Both designs we offer are versatile and let in outstanding levels of natural light. This makes it suitable to live in all year round.

Energy Efficient

Our Solid roofs are both extremely energy efficient, keeping your extension warm all year round. This will help save money on energy bills and regulate the temperature in your home.

Suits all Tastes

Every homeowner in Leeds is different, and the same can be said for their solid roofs. Thankfully, both the Ultraroof and Livinroof are available in a wide variety of styles to consider.


When you choose an Ultraroof, you will get a design that is equally strong and stylish. The roof is easy to build while being the lightest conservatory roof on the market. The fully insulated box beam will support bifold doors while protecting your home from condensation. As a result, mould and damp spots will be a thing of the past.

The roof comes in a plethora of glazing options, enhancing the maximum light that comes into your home. This results in year round comfort, while there are plenty of customisation options such as styles and colours. If you want to turn your extension into a social hub, add an internal pelmet which supports lights and speakers. It is ideal for those starry nights. The Super Insulated columns that are included are 5 times more thermally efficient than standard brick columns.

The Ultraroof’s authentic tiles are available in three different colours: Charcoal, Harvest Brown, and Terra Brick, giving the homeowner plenty of options to consider.  What’s more, it only weighs 38kg/m² which is lighter than any solid roof. As a result, you will get a build that performs well for decades to come.

A Versatile Extra Room

If you can’t decide between a solid roof and glass roof, the Livinroof has both. It’s design is robust and stylish, giving you a brighter living space that allows for privacy and comfort.

This roof’s high performance glazing gives extra panels for more natural light. This regulates the temperature and saves money on your energy bills as you don’t need to turn on the lights. Consider shaped glazing for a bespoke design tailored to you, and mae your Leeds home stand out.

The decorative cornice will renovate your conservatory roof and extension. This hides unsightly guttering, giving your conservatory a cleaner and sleek look. The Leeds homeowner will receive a choice of four different styles, allowing for extra customisation.

What’s more, the design is quick and easy to install. It is safer for the environment as you won’t worry about onside cutting, reducing waste and disruption.

Thermal Performance

Both the Ultraroof and Livinroof offer fantastic levels of thermal efficiency, retaining natural heat for a warmer living space.

The Livinroof is built to withstand the worst weather conditions. It is equipped with U design software that anticipates the toughest wind and snow conditions. This results in a precision engineered roof that lasts a long time.

The Livinroof has U values of 0.15, making it one of the warmest roofs on the market. Retaining natural heat saves money on your energy bills.

The Ultraroof also offers low U Values and comes with a warm roof system with no cold bridging. When you choose these roofs, feel assured that your extension in Leeds will give maximum levels of comfort.

Prices for Solid Roofs Leeds

When you are ready to design your Ultraroof or Livinroof, get in touch with our friendly team today. We have over 40 years of experience installing conservatory roofs for your extensions, so get in touch with our team today. We look forward to working with you.



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