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If you are looking for a new space for your home in Boston Spa, then consider our conservatories for your home. Modern conservatories are ideal because they offer fantastic benefits such as letting in a plethora of natural light and customisable options such as styles and colours to consider. We have a friendly team of installers who will hep you with your dream project in Boston Spa and West Yorkshire.

Enjoy Our Conservatories In Your Boston Spa  Home

Here at Select, we offer a plethora of conservatories for your Boston Spa property. These conservatories offer a big living space that is suitable for a wide range of rooms. The double glazing offers first class security for your home, which keeps your home safe from burglars.

In addition to this, the thick glass panes will keep heat inside, saving money on your energy bills. This will free up your finances to spend on things that matter to you. What’s more, this regulates the temperature over time.

Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient Design which saves on your energy bills
  • Customisable range of styles for your home
  • First class security, giving you peace of mind.
  • Installation without any hassle
  • High grade materials for a long lasting design
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Why Choose Select For Your Conservatory Installation?

Peace of Mind

Your conservatory extension from Select will keep your home safe thanks to its first class security measures. This includes three point locking systems built in alongside advanced double glazing. As a result, you will deal with robust knocks, so intruders won’t break through.

High Performance Glazing

All our conservatories offer high quality double glazing. This will bring in an influx of natural light in your home, allowing for maximum comfort all year long.

Energy Efficient

Our conservatories are thermally efficient, keeping warm air inside and letting cold air out. If you want to relax during the winter, you can stay warm for longer.

Suits all Tastes

Every conservatory that we install in your home in Boston Spa is suitable for all homes as you will be able to choose from all styles and colours. You’ll also get a choice of solid and tiled roofs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Benefits of Conservatories in Boston Spa

If you were wondering whether you should consider a conservatory for your home in Boston Spa, at Select Extensions, we have plenty of reasons for you. For example, a conservatory is ideal for connecting your home to your garden. This brings extra light in your home, while the glazing can support slim sightlines, giving outstanding views. Its versatility ensures it can be used as a dining area of guest bedroom.

If you find that there is not enough light in your home, then a conservatory can solve this problem. The double glazing can add a shot of natural light, which can be bolstered further if you add a glass roof. This helps regulate the temperature, so your conservatory gets warmer naturally.

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Conservatory Styles in Boston Spa

We offer a wide range of options for your conservatory as well. For instance, choose from an Edwardian, Lean To conservatory, or a  Victorian conservatory. The options are endless.

A Lean  To Conservatory will give your home plenty of natural light from its roof. Easy to install and cost effective, it leans back on your home, allowing for a seamless connection. What’s more, you will benefit from meeting planning permission guidelines easily.

A Victorian Conservatory is a classic style which allows for more natural light to enter your home. This helps save money on your energy bills and allowing for a warmer property in the long run.

Additionally, choose a bigger conservatory like a P Shaped or a T Shaped build. They can expand onto your garden, resulting in more space.

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Conservatory Roofs in Boston Spa

We offer many conservatory roofs in your Boston Spa property. Add an influx of natural light when you choose our glass roofs, while bringing in plenty of warmth. This saves money on heating bills.

Furthermore, a solid roof will help blend more seamlessly with your home. This is because it can transform your living space easily and provide a fantastic insulation of heat and sound. What’s more, use a skylight for extra brightness.

A tiled roof offers low maintenance which ensures you don’t have to look after it often. What’s more, it is extremely watertight, allowing it to feed off the rain easily. And, they are available in a plethora of attractive styles too.

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Conservatories Prices Boston Spa

When you are ready to design your ideal conservatory, get in touch  with our friendly team at Select today. We have lots of options that you can benefit from.

We offer a free online quoting engine which helps you design your bespoke conservatory from scratch. Once you have done this, we will give you a bespoke quote in minutes.



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