conservatories harrogate

Conservatories Harrogate

Have you thought about expanding your home? Consider Select's conservatories for competitive prices in Harrogate!

Enjoy Our Conservatories In Your Harrogate Home

With Select, you’ll have a choice of stunning conservatories to expand any home in Harrogate in style. We ensure all our designs are durable, sleek and stylish, with premium-grade materials across the build.

Our conservatories will help you stay warm all year round. You can save on your energy bills. Also, our designs are fully customisable, meaning you can build a bespoke new space for any purpose!

Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient, Saving You Money on Heating Bills
  • Range of Styles for Harrogate Homes
  • Premium-Grade Materials for a Long-Lasting Design
  • Hassle-Free Home Expansion Solution
  • Highly Secure for Your Peace of Mind
conservatories in harrogate

Why Choose Select For Your Conservatory Installation?

Peace of Mind

With our conservatories, you can get peace of mind inside your home. Our designs have multi-point locking systems in every corner.

High Performance Glazing

Our high performance glazing lets light in your home. That way, you will stay comfortable and warm every day of the year.

Energy Efficient

Our range of styles will help you save money on your energy bills. Premium-grade materials offer superb insulation for your property.

Suits all Tastes

Our wide selection of styles means you're bound to find the right build for you. Our range of conservatories is ideal for all homes.

Benefits of Conservatories in Harrogate

Our extensions are a step up on old designs for your home. While designs like those could have thin glass or profiles, our modern builds are durable in every department. Because of this, you’ll get a space that lasts, keeping you comfortable every day for years to come. Also, with full customisation, your new space will be perfect for your property.

Conservatories from Select are thermally efficient designs, meaning that you can save energy inside them. Our builds have advanced double glazing panels which capture more of your home’s natural heat, all while improving insulation and reducing glare. Your build won’t suffer from the greenhouse effect as much, helping you use it in comfort throughout the year.

Additionally, our conservatories won’t expose your home to the elements. You’ll benefit from the latest security hardware in your build’s windows and in your doors too. Each glazing panel we offer comes with multi-point locking, fastening the glass to the frames around it. And, in our doors, you can benefit from robust handles, resilient hinges, and shoot bolts that lock the door from within.

Not only that, our conservatories have premium-grade materials which are fully weatherproof. We use uPVC, a durable material that won’t warp, crack or twist in any conditions. It’s air and water-tight, preventing problems like condensation and water ingress. Because of this, an investment in our conservatories will benefit your home for decades to come.

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Conservatory Styles in Harrogate

With Select, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to our range of conservatories for your home. We know everybody wants to create a unique space, which is why we stock a range of styles for your home. Whether you’d like a traditional build or something more modern, you can be sure of getting a high-performance space when you install it.

For a modern, affordable expansion of your Harrogate home, our lean-to builds could be ideal. Lean-to conservatories have a flat roof and use fewer parts than other options, making them easy to install and less expensive to construct. Not only that, they provide stunning views of your garden and beautiful natural light, all while not taking up much space.

However, you could opt for a more traditional design. Victorian builds are the UK’s most popular, with a unique shape and stunning windows and cornices. Your build will also have a bay front which gives you slim sightlines of the world around you. And, if you’d like a square floorplan and a simpler look, we also offer Edwardian designs for our home.

If you’re looking for an even bigger space, Select can help there as well. You could opt for a gable-end conservatory with a unique, high-pitched roof or perhaps go with one of our expansive P-shaped builds. You can even build a bespoke design with Select’s friendly team, who can offer you design advice throughout the process.

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Conservatory Roofs in Harrogate

You may already have a conservatory in your home. However, that doesn’t mean you need to tear it down to get a better space. At Select, we believe any space can be comfortable and cosy for your home. Because of this, we offer a range of roofs that will enhance the insulation of both new and existing conservatories.

For example, your old roof might have only one layer of glass in its panels. As a result, our double glazed roofs will offer additional insulation, and the second pane of glass also helps to reduce glare and block out unwanted sound. Our glass roofs still let in plenty of natural light.

However, transform your home with a durable design. We offer solid roofs which use a mixture of slate and concrete, meaning they’re similar to the ceilings you might find in your home. You’ll get superior insulation, privacy and weatherproofing.

If you want a traditional look for your home, you can also explore our tiled roofs. Each tile is durable and lightweight and won’t crack or wear down in wind and rain. You’ll be able to style your roof with confidence, knowing the design won’t fade over time. Also,  customise every tile, meaning you can turn your tiled roof into a bespoke design that stands out.

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Conservatories Prices Harrogate

Discover our competitive prices for our conservatories by getting in touch with Select today! We install conservatories in Harrogate, Leeds, Horsforth, Pudsey, Wetherby, Ilkley, Otley, Huddersfield, Adel, Yeadon, York, Calverly and much more.

Our team will help you every step of the way to build your dream conservatory.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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