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We offer a fantastic range of glazed extensions in Boston spa. They will enhance your property by bringing in massive amounts of natural light in your home, saving plenty of money on your energy bills. With all these benefits on offer, you will get a high quality extension that is suitable to your needs.

Expand Your Boston Spa Home Today

With a wide variety of options, a glazed extension is the ideal option for your Boston Spa property today. And what’s more, we take care of all your building needs as well because we understand that any upheaval causes plenty of stress.

At Select Extensions, we believe in completing efficient and smooth installations. Our friendly team of installers will work closely with you to ensure you can enjoy your garden extension for longer.

Key Features

  • We manage your project fully.
  • All our projects are completed with compliance to building regulations.
  • We work with local installers who offer unbeatable lead times.
  • A reputable company
  • Comfort all year round
  • Insurance and warranty
Modern House Extension Prices

Why Choose Select For Your Glazed Extension?

Thermally Efficient

All our modern extensions will ensure you will stay warm for many years to come. The double glazing prevents warm air from escaping, saving lots of money on energy bills.

Experienced Installers

At Select Extensions, we have a team of local craftsmen who offer quick lead times and an efficient service. We have plenty of customer reviews on Checkatrade, so you can read our reviews on there.


At Select, we know that every home is different, and we want to reflect this in every Boston Spa homeowner. As a result, all our extensions are customised to your needs. We work closely with you to ensure you get something that you can be proud of.

Customer Service

At Select Extensions, we offer fantastic customer service. What sets us apart is that we will help work out a suitable price before starting work, so you understand how much you are paying. We’ll also provide a detailed schedule of tasks to give you a detailed breakdown on your new extension.

Ultraframe Glazed Extensions

Feel confident that at Select Extensions, we only work with the best installers. That’s why we work with Ultraframe, which offers a fantastic range of glazed extensions that will last for many years to come. Benefit from our Extensions Plus range, which includes the Performance Glass Extension, the Livinroof House Extension, and the Ultraroof House Extension.

Our Performance Glass Extension gives you the option of sizes to fit, ranging from 24mm-35mm, so you get plenty of choice. What’s more, benefit from exceptional performance and lots of space.

Alternatively, our Livinroof House Extension is a popular choice for customers in Boston Spa because you’ll get a thermally insulated column. This allows for superior strength and exceptional warmth.

Finally, our Ultraroof Extension gives you customisable options including full height panels or Velux Windows. What’s more, this comes with a selective interior space that brings a natural continuance of your home.

Modern House Extension Installation

The Benefits of Glazed Extensions

Our Glazed Extensions are available with a variety of benefits that will boost your property. For instance, an extra room will add more versatility and space. Turn your new space into a living room or an extra bathroom. The double glazed that comes as standard will help bring natural light into your home.

What’s more, you will stay protected against the worst weather conditions because it will handle robust winds. The glass is soundproof as well, meaning you won’t hear the rain outside. If you’re looking for a room with extra peace and quiet, an extension is the perfect addition.

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Glazed Extensions That Save You Money

When you choose a house extension for your home in Boston Spa, it will take a chunk out of your energy bills. Ultraframe specialises in thermally efficient products, meaning natural heat will be kept inside. This makes sure you and your loved ones stay warm for many years.

This brings a constant temperature to your home, which saves on your central heating. As a result, your home stays warm in the winter without needing to turn the central heating on.

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Glazed Extensions You Can Customise

We believe you should be able to get creative when you build your glazed extension. All our options come in an expansive range of styles and colours. You can even consider solid or tiled roofs. The possibilities are infinite.

We are always ready to build a new extension, so however you want to use it, we have a design that suits your needs. All our builds offer fantastic heat and sound retention.

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Modern House Extensions Prices in Boston Spa

When you’re ready to consider a house extension, use our online glazing extension cost calculator to build a personalised estimate. We believe you will find a design that is right for you.

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