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A glazed extension will boost your home in Idle. Numerous house renovation ideas fall under this category, such as roofing, doors, and windows. You can then modify your house to suit your needs. You will have more possibilities with a glazed addition as opposed to conservatories and orangeries.

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Our aim at Select Extensions is to simplify your work. For instance, we promise that the installation of your new house extension will adhere to building standards. For you, we handle all the time-consuming duties.

We want to ensure that your installation goes smoothly because remodelling can be stressful. To assist you to accomplish your ideal extension, we will collaborate closely with you during the entire extension process.

Key Features

  • Complete project administration to fulfil your needs
  • A group of knowledgeable, skilled local artisans completes all activities in accordance with construction codes.
  • Year-round comfort is provided by premium windows and doors.
  • A highly regarded business
  • Full warranty and insurance
  • Bespoke styles and designs
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Why Choose Select For Your Glazed Extension?

Thermally Efficient

Modern thermal design methods are used to construct our glass expansions. This suggests that even during the coldest winter months, we will create a cosy new environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Experienced Installers

For your peace of mind, Select Extensions has assembled a team of professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the field. On Which?, you can read client testimonials and learn more about our accreditations. Checkatrade or Trusted Traders.


Our contemporary glass extensions are made to improve the kerb appeal of your house. Each job we accept is different, and we always make an effort to complete it on time and within the allocated budget.

Customer Service

We provide a complete plan and design service. Before we start working on your project, we agree on a specific timeframe for the activities and associated costs.

Ultraframe Glazed Extensions

From Ultraframe, a prominent business in the home improvement sector, we get our glazed expansions. They flood your home with natural light, making it cosy and inviting for you and your family. They will give you low U values, so you will get a warmer property in the long run.

Your glazed extension will be transformed into a living space that you can completely enjoy, thanks to Ultraframe’s superb craftsmanship. You link your new room to your living area by installing outlets in the brick walls. A smooth entrance to your home or garden can be made by adding connecting doors with thick double glazing.

Modern House Extension Installation

The Benefits of Glazed Extensions


Our glazed extensions greatly improve homes’ living conditions, which can fundamentally transform how residents live. By choosing a house addition, you can maximise your living area.

Glazed extensions will also make your house cosy and warm. It is simple for natural sunshine to illuminate and insulate your glass addition with modern double glazing.

You’ll feel safe in your extension. This is because it can withstand a large amount of damage, and because of how securely the crowbars are secured to the frame, they won’t be able to pull it apart. Additionally, it will keep working in difficult weather situations like strong winds. Your home will remain dry thanks to the double glazing.

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Glazed Extensions That Save You Money

Save a lot of money by building a glazed addition to your Idle home. Modern materials are used in the construction of our glazed extensions to increase the energy efficiency of your house. Our glazed extensions retain natural heat inside of your home, shielding you from inclement weather. These extensions have waterproof construction and double-glazed glass, brick, and other materials.

The temperature in your extension won’t alter as a result. Additionally, due to the open layout of these buildings, warm air will flow throughout your house. You’ll start saving money on household bills the day following installation because you won’t have to use your central heating to make up the gap.

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Glazed Extensions You Can Customise

With our custom glass extensions, we encourage your creativity. You have a lot of possibilities at your disposal. Enjoy having control over how your new area will be organised. This includes having the option to choose the door handles’ size, colour, or other features. You can use the room however you like, from an office space to a gym.

Our selection of brick walls and solid or tiled roofing offers unmatched sound isolation and soundproofing for customers who value peace and quiet or who use their houses as offices. Bifold or patio doors are further options. Select Extensions can help you locate the ideal product.

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Modern House Extensions Prices in Idle

To get a customised quotation, use our online glazed extension cost calculator. You will find your ideal extension among the many patterns and entirely customisable styles offered.

Additionally, reach us by phone at 0113 257 8933 or online using our contact form. Our team will help you get the extension you desire.

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