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When you want to renovate your Belle Isle home, there are many ways to do it. A house extension improves your home because you'll save a lot of hassle with installing it. At Select Products, we understand that any renovation of your home can cause you a lot of upheavals, but we have many years of experience in making things more comfortable. A house extension is very useful because it can help you feel more secure because of its high security locking systems. This will help you stay protected against intruders.

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A house extension is an ideal way to help improve your home because there are so many ways to expand it.  Feel more secure, and natural light will penetrate your home. This will help create a robust thermal barrier against cold temperatures and poor weather conditions. Enjoy a seamless transition between your home and garden and get the best out of your Belle Isle home.








Key Features

  • We do all the hard work for you
  • The work is completed to current building standards.
  • Professional service
  • High quality windows and doors.
  • We are fully insured
  • Many years of experience and we pride ourselves on our happy customers.
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Why Choose Select For Your House Extension?

Thermally Efficient

All our house extensions are designed to keep you warmer, while more natural light can come into your home. This helps you enjoy a comfortable experience all year round. Save money on your energy bills, but also the environment as well. Reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from a greener extension.

Experienced Installers

All our installers come with many years of experience, so we will treat you like family. We have very high standards and are committed to giving you the best house extension possible.


We want every homeowner in Isle Belle to enjoy their brand new house extension. That is why we offer everyone a bespoke service because then you decide how your extension looks. You design the home, and we’ll create the perfect extension.

Customer Service

All our installations are created with our customers in mind. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer satisfaction because they recommend us to renovate their homes.

Ultraframe House Extensions


Ultraframe is a leading supplier in the home improvement industry, which means you will get unrivalled quality for your home. Benefit from a house extension that suits your style and doesn’t have a tie bar. This means you’ll enjoy more natural light.  Install a pelmet for a room like ambience. Ultraframe specialises in quality that can be used all year round.







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The Benefits of House Extensions

Your house extension provides life-changing advantages for your home.

Use it for an office, a gym, or even a place to relax. Do this in a soundproof environment that reduces all loud noises to a quiet hush. That way, your home is thermally efficient.

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House Extensions That Save You Money

We use advanced double glazing, which brings natural light into your home. This will do wonders for your living space because you won’t even have to turn the central heating on or worry about expensive heating bills. Spend money on the things that matter. In addition, your extension is weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about tough conditions because it doesn’t rust, warp, or fade.

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House Extensions You Can Customise

Even though we install every extension, you’re the one who has control of what it looks like. We want you to create your ideal living space how it was meant to be designed.  Customise everything from the colour choices to the solid or tiled roofs. Everything is bespoke to your needs, and  opt for more brickwork if you want to keep your Belle Isle home extra warm.


There are other customisable options, from the hardware to the finishes. For an authentic look, why not try a woodgrain finish. The choice is down to you. At Select Products, we are here to help you.

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Modern House Extensions Prices in Belle Isle

Once you are ready to design your dream home in Belle Isle,  check out our online house extension price generator, which gives you plenty of choices. When you do that, we’ll come back with an instant price.

Alternatively, contact our friendly team and we’ll get back to you immediately.












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