6 Ways to Make Your Conservatory Energy Efficient This Autumn

At Select Extensions, we offer conservatories for homeowners in the Leeds area. Conservatories offer plenty of natural light in your home, creating the illusion of a bigger space. As a result, this will be ideal for potential visitors and a growing family.

With the autumn and winter months coming up, there are many ways to enhance your conservatory this winter. One way is to make it more thermally efficient. The builds will help prevent heat loss so your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Here are some ways you can have money on your energy bills.

Choose A Solid Roof

If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, this lets in cold air, making your living space unusable in the long term. What’s more, heat escapes almost instantly, while there is no thermal barrier, so it can’t be retained. In addition, glazed roofs will lose thermal efficiency over time because of hinge wear and tear alongside seal degradation. Cold air rushes in, resulting in using the central heating more.

A solution to this problem is to upgrade to a solid roof. This roof solves your problems straight away because it is fully insulated all the way round. These extra layers keep heat inside your home so heat won’t be able to escape. It is ideal in winter because you will naturally stay warm, resulting in an enjoyable conservatory all year round.

Choosing a solid conservatory roof will improve the aesthetics of your home, helping it stand out for longer. This creates an integral part to your extension. We work with Ultraframe, whose roofs come in a selection of customisable colours to help you build stand out, reflecting your unique personality.

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Upgrade to A Rated Thermal Efficiency

Upgrading to A Rated thermal efficiency will ensure your conservatory is amongst the warmest on the market. At Select, our conservatories come with Warm Edge Spacers and an insulated pelmet, which makes the builds five times more thermally efficient than traditional brick conservatories.

The Livinroof from Ultraframe is one of the warmest builds on the market, with no cold bridging gaps. The thermally broken rafters ensure you will get unrivalled performance. It is A rated as standard, so heat will be kept in.

Insulate the Conservatory Floor

Your conservatory floor is a main source of heat loss, so one of the best ways of preventing this is to insulate it, ensuring it is warmer for a long time.

Insulating your conservatory floor is a great way of improving your home’s thermal efficiency, ideal in the winter months when the weather gets cold. It is done by adding an insulation board to the floor; however, you can also insulate it by adding electric undersoil heating and saving on your energy bills.

Alongside a solid roof, when you upgrade the conservatory floor, you will increase the thermal efficiency of your home by up to 70%.

Boost your Conservatory with Glass Panels For Extra Natural Light

Natural light is an ideal source of warmth because you will save on your electricity bills. Our conservatory options from Ultraframe will help open your space, increasing your market value. You will get options such as double glazing and triple glazing which trap heat indoors and leave cold air outside. The glass panels alongside the internal pelmet bring you maximum comfort in your home during the winter months. Alongside U Values of 0.15 or 0.12, it is one of the warmest builds on the market.

The bespoke glazing options of the Livinroof give you plenty of choice to control the light in your property, allowing you ample design options. In fact, you’ll get more options than any other design on the market.

Add A Radiator In Your Home

To make your conservatory more liveable, one way of increasing your build is to add a radiator to your home. This will give you a permanent source of heat, connecting with the central heating. This will result in a consistent temperature all year round, ensuring it will be the same temperature as the rest of your home. If you want to use this room as a cinema room or a social hub, it will attract more visitors.

Draught Proof Your Conservatory  

Draught proofing the room is an easy way of ensuring your room stays warmer. When draught spots enter your home, it makes it harder for a conservatory to retain heat in the long run. There are easy ways to draught proof the room, for instance, adding weather seals or foam strips on the windows will keep your home warmer for longer. This fills gaps around the bottom of the conservatory, resulting in a warmer finish.

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We hope that this article has helped you understand how you can keep your conservatory warmer over time. The options in our design are cost effective, saving you money and time.

If you are ready to discuss your product, get in touch with Select Extensions today. Our friendly team will help answer any questions. Give us a call at 01132 578933 or fill out our online contact form.

Alternatively, our online quoting engine lets you design your conservatory in minutes. We will return with a price that matches your budget.

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