7 Ways To Improve Your Garden Room

7 Ways to Improve Your Garden Room

Here at Select Extensions, we understand that garden rooms are becoming more popular for homeowners in Leeds. They are suitable if you want to work from home because the double glazing can enhance the natural light and make your area warmer.

We understand that every homeowner has a unique style, and our garden rooms are no exception. We offer many ways that you can customise your new living space, so in this article, here are some helpful tips to improve your garden room. We want to help you enhance your extension and get the best out of it.

Fill a Garden Room With Plants

Nothing says natural than a room full of plants. This will help bring the outdoors in because it adds a lot of greenery to your home. It will look beautiful and give you the feel of being in a jungle. Furthermore, add some small trees to connect with nature.

Design your House Extension

Use Paint to Blend In With Your Home

Another thing that will help bring colour to your home is a lick of paint. If your space is dark and gloomy, bring a bright colour into the fold. Choose from any of our RAL colours or White, which will soften your garden room and brighten the place up.

A bright space will attract the attention of visitors because it will help the room stand out. All the colours that we offer are strong and durable, which will help against tough weather conditions. Or, if you want dark paint to blend in with your home, we offer this selection too. Ultimately, the choice is yours, so get in touch with Select to find out more.

Use the Space as a Spare Bedroom

A room that floods with natural light is the perfect space for a spare bedroom. Not only does natural light boost your mental health, it also helps you wake up naturally. This saves money on your energy bills as well because you don’t need to turn on the lights.

Get creative with the use of your own furniture. Add a bedroom and table to have a book by your bedside. Alternatively, if you want to watch the world go by and immerse yourself in nature, you can even have a rocking chair too.

Add Textiles to your Property

This is an idea that will help you get the most out of your garden space. This is because you can include throws, cushions, and blinds. It’s the perfect way of bringing light into your home, while a cushion adds to the luxurious feel of your property.

Garden Room

Your new space will keep you warm inside, and give your home a nature-inspired look. Your garden room will be comfortable to live in.

 Add A Dining Room to your Property

If you want friends or family over, then turning your garden room into a dining room will help merge the indoors and outdoors. It will bring a space for entertainment while eating in an indoor space will be ideal if it gets too cold outside. Decorate this brand-new area with tables, and let the light flood in even more with a skylight. This will help save money on your heating bills, resulting in a warm living space.

Turn the Room into a Games Room

If you have a growing family with children, then the room can be converted into a playroom for their needs. Your garden room will bring a seamless connection to the outdoors. If you use a bifold door in your home, this will make it easier for your children to play outdoors. What’s more, you will be able to keep an eye on them thanks to the advanced double glazing.

Use Your New Space as a Home Office

With more people working from home, bedrooms are being used as home offices. The natural light of a garden room will result in a calmer and more tranquil space for you to concentrate. What’s more, blinds can be installed to avoid the glare of a video call as well.

When you look out at the garden, this could inspire more creativity in your job. As a result, you will get more done and feel productive.


We hope that these ideas will help you transform your garden room. With a multitude of options, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

At Select Products, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you want to find out more, give us a call on 01132 578933. We will be on hand to help you with any query you have.

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