How Will A Garden Room Benefit My Home?

Here at Select Extensions, we install beautiful garden rooms that can enhance your property in Leeds. They are becoming more popular with homeowners, but why should you install one? And what benefits will it give you? Read on to find out more.

With more people working from home than ever before, garden rooms are much desired. They create a beautiful connection between the indoors and outdoors, allowing for uninterrupted views. What’s more, the rooms are completely bespoke to your needs because we understand everyone uses their space differently. We will work very closely with you to design your dream space. They come in a selection of styles and colours, so we will tailor them to your requirements. We offer two designs: Studio and Pavilion, to see what suits your tastes. And this new spot will look sleek and professional while it is able to support larger glazing panels. This gives you stunning views of your garden. If you use it as a home office, it is a quiet place to conduct meetings. 

Garden Room

A garden room lets in floods of natural light into your home because it supports large glazing panels. This creates the illusion of a bigger living space and adds a minimalist feel to your home. If you want to relax or use it as a gym, we have something that is right for you. It can even be expanded into a relaxing retreat, which is perfect for a social gathering if you want friends over.

Our selection of modern garden rooms is high performing, so you don’t have to compromise on performance. They are cost effective and cheap to install because they are simple to install. At Select, we are a highly reputable company that treats your home with respect and courtesy. We offer quick lead times and will be with you every step of the way to help design your dream installation. Feel confident when you install a brand new living environment.

Our garden rooms come with advanced double glazing as standard. This is thermally efficient because the thick panes of glass will trap natural heat inside,  keeping you warm in the winter months. And it will save money on electricity bills because you won’t have to turn on the lights.

A garden room isn’t just a good insulator of heat. It is also a good insulator of sound as well. If you want to watch a film or listen to music loudly, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours, resulting in a perfect solution. It works the other way, too, because the glazing will reduce the noise to a quiet whisper if you live in a busy neighbourhood. This will add an air of tranquillity to your daily life, allowing you to live in peace and quiet.

It will also mark a rise in your property’s value because potential buyers will be able to see a new area and be able to expand on it. If you don’t want to move house, installing is less stressful and cheaper. You will benefit from a functional space that will increase your home’s kerb appeal. And you will get plenty of health benefits as well because it will give you more sunlight, increasing your serotonin.  

Garden Room

At Select, we believe that security is one of the most important things to consider when living in your home. A garden room can bolster this because the double glazing deals with any robust knocks. This way, you can be kept safe. What’s more, they come with weatherproof seals and stand firm against violent winds or heavy rain. This way, the cold air won’t be able to come into your home. 

If you have a family, it is a great place to host family gatherings. It is a great place to spend to have Christmas dinner or a Sunday Roast, while you can also choose a veranda if you want a garden party or a social event.

We hope that this article has helped you choose a selection of possibilities for your garden room. At Select Products, we are experts in garden rooms. If you have any questions, give us a ring on 01132 578993 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you soon.

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