Conservatory Ideas For Your Home

When you are upgrading your conservatory, it is important to customise your build however you like. However, with a big decision, you might experience a roadblock in ideas. Here at Select Extensions, we are here to help you make the most of your conservatory

Getting creative helps your home stand out from the crowd. A conservatory is an extension of your living space, so in this article, we will give you a range of ideas that will satisfy your creative needs.  Conservatories come in all sorts of designs, so strap in, read on, and get inspired!

Add a Bifold or Sliding Door for an extra sense of Grandeur 

Natural light is an important part of your conservatory. It transforms dark spaces into light filled rooms, creating plenty of style and elegance in your home. One way of doing this is by adding a bifold door or a sliding door. A bifold door folds out like a concertina, letting in plenty of ventilation and saving on air conditioning bills. What’s more, it gives you an extra sense of security, with multi point locking systems and advanced shootbolt techniques being built in. 

A sliding door is another option that you can choose because they are simple to install and glide effortlessly. Their large panels are ideal because they offer clean unobstructed views, ensuring you are closer to nature. 

Check Your Structure For Damp and Mould Spots 

If you have an old conservatory, it is common for there to be cracks and mould spots. One thing to do is check to see if there are any so you can get them upgraded This will give your build a fresh upgrade. 

If you have an aluminium or uPVC conservatory, these are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and they look in pristine condition.

Choose the Right Lighting For Your Interior 

Another way you can upgrade the conservatory is to consider what type of lighting is right for you. If you want to turn your conservatory into a dining room, then a well lit conservatory is key, especially at night. 

Or, if you want a more comfortable space to relax, choose a dim floodlight that is easy to turn on and off. You can also install spotlights on the roof, which is ideal for social events. Whatever your design, we have you covered. 

Thermally Efficient Blinds 

Thermally efficient blinds are ideal for making sure your conservatory is warm. Thick and effective, they stop cold air from entering while keeping warm air inside. This is an ideal way to save money on your energy bills, reducing the need to use your central heating. 

What’s more, using these bids is a great way of introducing texture and colour into your home, adding stunning visual appeal to your home. 

Connect Your  Conservatory to Your Garden and Bring it Closer to Nature

With close ties to the outdoors, it is important to connect your home with nature. An easy way of doing this is by integrating your conservatory to the outside. Our conservatories come with woodgrain finishes which blend well with plants and trees. What’s more, the advanced double glazing as standard will give you natural light, cutting out a sizable chunk of your energy bills. 

This is ideal when the doors are open, adding ventilation to your home so you get extra fresh air. Our friendly team help you choose the right doors for your needs 

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Choose Conservatory Colours that Match Your Interior 

We offer a bespoke service, which means you can design your conservatory however you like. With a wide range of colours on show, choose something bright and vibrant or a more muted colour. 

Or, you can choose a colour that matches your interior for a seamless finish that brightens up your home. This helps make your space more inviting and relaxing. 

Modernise your Interior Design 

One way of boosting your home is by modernising your interior design. A conservatory can be transformed to a warm space where you can relax. So adding a modern sheen will ensure you get a space that brings the light in. Choose advanced double glazing to open up your space and give fantastic views, while you can also add a cornice to hide away unsightly guttering. That way, your conservatory space will look nicer and more inviting. 

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Expand On Your Conservatory Today 

When you are ready to expand your conservatory, get in touch with Select Extensions. We have over 20 years of experience installing extensions, so we are on hand to help you with your ideal design. 

Give us a call on 01132 578933 or message us through our online contact form. We will get back to you straight away.

Alternatively, our online quoting engine lets you customise your ideal extension. Create every bit of your design and we will come back with a suitable price. 

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