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The Autumn Renovations & Extensions  

Autumn is upon us here in West Yorkshire and so is extension season! During the autumn the skies rain orange with leaves in West Yorkshire, which is why it’s all the more surprising that this time of year is becoming increasingly popular for home extensions. 

Making The Right Choice

Typically, the extensions of choice to do this involve roof glazing (typically in the form of conservatories, orangeries or any other majority glazing builds). The main reasons being as such:

The Illusion Of A Bigger Space

Even the smallest home extensions can allow more natural light into the household, giving the illusion of a much bigger indoor space. The trick behind the illusion is the roofing. Even a simple roof lantern can flood the indoor space with additional lighting, but an extension that’s majority glazing opens up the entire wing of the house and then some.

Getting Closer To Nature

West Yorkshire is one of the surviving counties to still receive the blessing of snowfall in the winter and Leeds has one of the largest greenspaces in the region, making them the perfect places to feel closer to nature. This is why people like to use autumn as a renovation season; Merging the great outdoors with indoor coziness for a seamless transition becomes more of a possibility when implementing extensions with roof glazing as a main centerpiece. 

An Extra Living Space

Not to state the obvious but the term “living space” of course implies that you have more space to do whatever you like within it. But before going off to build whatever you like! Please take a few things into consideration…

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Different Extensions Have Different Purposes:

When it comes to extensions with the autumn and winter seasons in mind for the exact reasons mentioned earlier, the difficult choice people tend to face is whether or not they want a conservatory or an orangery. 

For those who are new to the world of extensions, the exterior surface area of a conservatory consists of around 75% glazing whilst being situated on a sturdy brick foundation. Its Roof is almost entirely glazing and so are most of its walls.

An orangery, on the other hand, consists of a sturdy brick base that has either roof glazing or roof lanterns to allow natural lighting into the household. However, unlike conservatories, it still features brick walls. Only this time, it features very wide glazing as opposed to being a wall of windows. 

Here at Select Extensions, we understand the excitement of extending a household. But we want our readers to be as informed as possible when making such a big decision, so before making one of the best decisions for your home, just take a moment to read through which one you might prefer to take.

On Overview of Orangeries

Orangeries are an excellent way to combine all of the advantages of a conservatory with the longevity of a house extension. Originally meant for aristocrats, orangeries are now more accessible than ever to homeowners and so are the benefits that are unique to them.

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Multi-functional Capabilities

You’ll have much more room to play with wiring thanks to how much more robust the walls are, as well as being an overall more durable structure. This opens up the possibility of having another kitchen, another office, a gym, a studio, and more. Here at Select Extensions, our orangeries come with an internal pelmet that has the option to fit in-house lighting, mood lighting, or speakers.


With a smaller glazing area than a conservatory, homeowners can maximise the amount of seclusion and privacy with our orangeries. 

High Durability and Low Maintainance

Our orangeries are low-maintenance because they are made of durable and tactile materials. Internally, the build consists of robust materials such as wood and uPVC whereas externally the frames that hold everything together are made of high-quality aluminium or brickwork made by industry professionals.

An Overview of Conservatories 

Conservatories on the other hand were designed with a display function in mind. Typically used as additional garden rooms, living spaces, or even dining rooms. 

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Difference in Layout

Unlike Orangeries, a conservatory can be implemented in different shapes thanks to the versatility of how they’re designed. Typically they can come in a P or T-shaped extension. This allows plans to be extended in different directions that create more than one room with one extension, with the bulk of the extension being connected to the house with the tail end of a T or P-shaped conservatory.

Still Need Help? 

We understand that autumn extensions are a long-haul project with plenty of things to consider if you need to speak to a professional you can use our online contact form to ask our friendly team anything. Alternatively, call them directly on 0113 257 8933 today!

If you’re heart’s set on a decision 

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